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Public Art and Landmarks in Marbella

Great Street Art

No need to go to museums to see great art in Marbella. The streets are full of it. It even has a plaza dedicated to the works of Salvador Dali. There are some great landmarks too. Here are some notable examples including Marbella Arch, La Bella del Mar, Orange Square, Avenida del Mar, Don Jaime, Marbella Lighthouse, Venus de Marbella, El Pirulin, Bridge over Rio Verde, La Sirena, La Victoria and the Salvador Dali Rhinoceros.

Marbella ArchMAP

Newly renovated. Commissioned by Marbella mayor Jesús Gil as part of ‘Programa GIL’ part of the municipal election programme of 1991.

La Bella del MarMAP

Bronze sculpture by Amador Braojos in a fountain. Commissioned by the Town Hall as a "Tribute to all those whose efforts have made Marbella the jewel of the Mediterranean".

Orange SquareMAP

Plaza de los Naranjos (Orange Square) in the old town is lined by orange trees. The Town Hall(1500s) has a Mudejar-style ceiling and elaborate murals.

Av. del MarMAP

Ten bronze signed sculptures by Salvador Dali, laid out in a beautiful marble plaza. They have all the surrealist hallmarks of his most famous works.

Don JaimeMAP

Don Jaime de Mora y Aragón, born 19/7/25 in Madrid. He was an actor, known for Delusions of Grandeur, Love and Pain and others. A flamboyant Spanish aristocrat whose amiable antics made him popular on the Costa del Sol.


Faro de Marbella was built in 1864 and is 29 metres (95ft) high. It is automatic and electric. It emits two flashes every 14.5 seconds with visibility range of 41km (25 mile).

Venus de MarbellaMAP

An intriguing fountain showing a woman water skiing. To be found outside the Tourist Information Office on the Paseo Maritimo.

El PirulinMAP

A copper clad tower on the Plaza Bocanegra. Its architects were Barrios and Cepedano. It is surrounded by flower beds. It marks the start of the Golden Mile.

Verde BridgeMAP

The bridge over Rio Verde was completed in February 2010 and is the longest wooden bridge in Spain having a span of 70 meters.

La SirenaMAP

Mermaid statue La Sirena made from marble and granite was created by Barcelona sculptor Antonio Cañete.

La VictoriaMAP

Bronze and copper statue on top of a 26m (85ft) column of granite. Designed by the famous Georgian sculptor, Zurab Tsereteli and was a gift to Puerto Banus in 1994 by the Mayor of Moscow.

Dali RhinoMAP

A three-ton statue of a rhinoceros by Salvador Dalí (1956). Officially known as Rinoceronte vestido con puntillas ("Rhinoceros dressed in lace")

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