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Holiday Spanish - Enjoy your Marbella Holiday

Learn those useful phrases

There really isn’t any need to speak Spanish in Marbella because English is spoken in all the tourist areas. However, the local people will greatly appreciate a word or two spoken in Spanish. It will make your holiday experience so much more enjoyable by being able to experience the Andalucían culture.

If you are staying in our apartment, you will meet the Spanish residents in the lift and in the restaurant on the complex. It’s nice to be able to greet them in their own language. If you only learn one phrase you better make it, “No hablo español, ¿hablas inglés?” (I don’t speak Spanish, do you speak English?)

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Saying Hello and Goodbye

English Spanish Pronunciation
Hello, Hi Hola Oh-la
Good morning/day Buenos dias Bwe-nos di-ahs
Good afternoon Buenas tardes Bwe-nas tar-des
Good evening/night Buenas noches Bwe-nas noh-ches
Pleased to meet you Mucho gusto Mu-cho goos-toe
Goodbye Adiós A-di-os
See you later Hasta luego Has-ta lwe-go

Ordering Drinks (Bebidas)

English Spanish Pronunciation
I want … quiero … key-eh-ro …
a black coffee un café negro un ka-fey neh-groh
a coffee un café un ka-fey
a tea un te un teh
with milk con leche con le-che
a beer una cerveza una ser-veh-za
a bottle of mineral water una botella de agua mineral na bo-teh-yah de ah-gwa me-ne-ral
a bottle of wine una botella de vino una bo-teh-yah de v-no
a glass of red wine un copa de vino tinto un co-pah de v-no tin-toh
a glass of white wine un copa de vino blanco un co-pah de v-no blan-ko
water aqua ah-gwa
fizzy water aqua con gas ah-gwa con gas
still water aqua sin gas ah-gwa sin gas

Don’t forget ‘Please’ – Por Favor(Please)

In the Restaurant

English Spanish Pronunciation
Do you have a table ¿Tiene una mesa T-eh-neh una me-sah
I'd like a table in the non-smoking section Quiero una mesa en la sección de no fumadores Key-eh-ro una me-sa en la sec-sion the no fu-ma-doh-res
I would like a table near the window Quisiera una mesa a lado de la ventana Key-seya-rah una me-sa al lah-doh de la ven-tana
Do you have a menu in English? ¿Tiene un menu en inglés? T-eh-neh un menu n in-gles
Do you have a children’s menu? ¿Hay una carta para los niños? Eye una car-tah pa-rah los neen-yos
The bill please La cuenta por favor La kwen-tah por fa-vor
Can I pay with credit card? ¿Peudo pagar con tarjeta de crédito? Pwe-doh pa-gar con tar-he-ta de cre-di-to


Travelling by Bus

We are situated right on the main bus route between Marbella and Puerto Banus. Here are one or two useful phrases.

English Spanish Pronunciation
Is this bus going to the bus station? ¿Este autobus va a la estacion de autobus? Es-te au-toh-boos va ah la es-tah-see-on de au-toh-boos?
Please can you tell me where to get off for …? ¿Por favor, me dice cuando tengo que bajarme para …? Por fa-vor, me dee-se quan-doh ten-gho khe ba-har-mmeh pa-rah …?

Remember our Managing Agent Wendy will be able to tell you which bus to catch.

Getting Around

If you're lost, you'll need to stop someone in the street, “por favour” (please / excuse me)

English Spanish Pronunciation
Where is …? ¿Dónde está …? Don-de es-tah
I have to go to … Tengo que ir a … Ten-go khe eer ah
Insert from the following list, your dictionary, or phrase book as required
the pharmacist la farmacia la farm-a-see-ah
the cinema el cine el sin-e
the bank el banco el ban-ko
the / a restaurant el / un restaurante el / un rest-o-ront-e
the post office el correo el cor-ree-oh
the shops las tiendas las tee-n-das
the hospital el hospital el oss-pit-al

Getting a Taxi

If your staying at Carolina Park, or just walking around Marbella or Puerto Banus, ring Marbella Taxis on +34 952774488

English Spanish Pronunciation
How much will it cost? ¿Cuánto puede costar? Kwan-toh poo-eh-de cos-tar?
Take me to this address please (with an address on a piece of paper) LLeveme a esta direccion, por favour Je-veh-mhe a es-tah di-rek-sion, por fav-or
I want to go … Yo Quiero ir … Jo key-ai-roh ear …

When you ask a taxi driver to take you somewhere, they may repeat the instructions back to you to confirm they understand them.

Andalucian Spanish

Just when you thought you were getting the hang of it, another problem occurs. Andalucians eat words. Many fragments of sound never make it out of their mouths. For example, Andalucians have a habit of dropping the 'S' from the ends of words and between a vowel and a consonant. Andalusians also tends to drop the letter 'D' at the end of words and between vowels, creating words like: supermerca’o; to’o; Madri’ etc. If you want to know more about the Andalucian dialect go to and let Kate Peregrina explain.

Holiday Spanish Resource on the Web

HolidaySpanish - essential Spanish tourist phrases that will help you get by on holiday.

This is a free resource for picking up some basic “holiday Spanish”. Useful phrases that will get you by on holiday in the Spanish speaking world. Here you’ll learn: how to ask for directions; order food and drink, as well as much more. Holiday Spanish

What about learning Spanish whilst in Marbella?

A mention on this page does not constitute a recommendation of the services provided but just an indication of what is available.

Estudio Hispánico High Quality Spanish Courses - with experienced and fully qualified native Spanish tutors, all of whom have a university degree and specialist training to teach on Spanish language programmes.

Don Quijote This Spanish school in Marbella is a unique 3-story building which opens up to a multitude of sun drenched patios, including a 3,500 square meter private terrace. These common areas are perfect for you to relax between classes or take a break with friends while taking in the sultry scents of the Mediterranean Sea.

Spanish Language Centre School for adults (+16 years old) in Marbella, with a maximum of 8 students (average of 6) per class, which is certified by the INSTITUTO CERVANTES.

ENFOREX The leading organization trusted by students who want to learn Spanish through linguistic and cultural immersion programs at Spanish schools throughout Spain & Latin America.

Learn Spanish On-line

With Duolingo you learn a language for free
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