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Registration and Requirements for Renting in Andalucia


This page is designed to provide some information for people interested in renting their Andalucian homes to tourists. It is a translation and simplification of a document published by the Junta de Andalucia. The original document in Spanish is found here. No warranties are given as to the accuracy of the translation and description below but it is provided in good faith.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports Decree

The Decree 28/2016, February 2nd 2016, amended the former Decree 194/2010, of 20 April 2010 in relation to establishments of tourist apartments using seasonal leases.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the use of private accommodation for tourism, which the Andalucian Government believed, could be providing unfair competition to hotels in the area. The Comprehensive National Tourism Plan 2012-2015 noted that "there has been an ever increasing use of private accommodation in tourism". This increase is linked to new forms of travel, the desire of tourists to have a more direct relationship with the residents of their destination, the advent of new and faster ways of marketing and the direct use of numerous internet portals. Unfortunately these tourist channels are very broad and they are not always accompanied with excellent service, or a minimum guarantee for the users. Hence it was decided to reform the previous Act which specifically excluded establishments using seasonal leases for tourism purposes.

Some Objectives of the Decree

Registration in the Register of Tourism of Andalusia

Before providing accommodation for tourists, the person or entity that operates the service will have to apply to the Ministry responsible for tourism and show compliance of the requirements of this Decree before advertising the property for tourism. The minimum information required for this application is:

Inspection and Penalty System

Transitional arrangements.

Houses must be adapted to the provisions below by 11th May 2017

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Requirements and common services

Accommodation for tourism purposes must meet the following requirements:

Rental Contract

Reservation and Price

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