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Advantages of Self Catering Holidays in a privately owned apartment in Marbella

The general advantages are : good value; authentic experience; more character; family oriented; separate lounge and kitchen; better equiped; laundry facilities; privacy; like being local; feels like home.

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A self-catering holiday break in a privately owned home in Marbella provides you with a lot more than a holiday package. A self catering holiday allows you total holiday freedom to do the things you want, when you want. It doesn't tie you to a holiday company's timetable of events. It allows you to enjoy your holiday in the way you want to. Your self-catering holiday in Marbella not only gives you total control of your itinerary, you will also get superior accommodation than you might otherwise get from a low value package holiday or cheap hotel accommodation.


Self catering holidays are particularly popular with holiday makers going on a family holiday. Choosing the self catering option helps to keep down the cost and allows holiday makers to choose the sort of meals that they want to eat. This is important when children are going on holiday with you because younger children may want to eat at different times to adults. In self catering accommodation you can eat at the most convenient time for you.

Superior Accomodation

If you have ever gone on an apartment package holiday with a tour operator then you know how cramped some of these package holiday apartments can be. However, renting self-catering apartments directly from the owner is probably a far better holiday option. Apartments tend to be larger in size and nicely furnished with quality furniture and little personal touches provided by the apartment owner.  The larger size means more space to move around in. You can get far superior self-catering holiday accommodation for the same or lower price when you rent privately.

Home from Home

Private apartment owners maintain and look after their apartments much better than package holiday apartments simply because the apartment owner stay in their own holiday apartment and have invested their own money in buying the apartment. They want to enjoy a higher level of self-catering holiday accommodation themselves when they stay in their own holiday apartment. It is quite simply their home from home which you also benefit from.

Eating Options

By staying in self catering accommodation you are able to eat out at local restaurants or to cook back at your self catering accommodation. Some nights you will sample the local cuisine and wine at a local restaurant and other nights you may want to have a quieter simpler meal. You can also try out local recipes by buying locally grown items at a local market for your own bespoke meal. In self catering accommodation, it gives you the opportunity to sample food that is new to you and that you may well not have tried before.


There are many fabulous apartments in Marbella, and many are found in quieter parts of the town in beautiful tropical oases like Carolina Park. By choosing apartments like these you can choose when you want the bright lights and fun and when you want to relax to read a book or eat quietly on your balcony overlooking beautiful gardens.

Personal Service

By booking directly with the apartment owner or manager, you will receive a more personal service. Each owner knows most about their property and how to best enjoy a holiday in the area of your choice. They are in the best place to advise you on how to enjoy your holiday in their property.

Better Value

Owners who advertise their properties on sites like Holiday Lettings have to pay a commission to the lettings company. The lettings company will most likely add a booking charge to your bill. It is usually cheaper to book direct with the property owner.

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