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Marbella Feria de San Bernabe

In the Month of June

Every year in the month of June, Marbella prepares to celebrate Semana Grande in honor of its patron, St. Bernabe. Residents and visitors gather to enjoy a few days of fun at the Fair. A very carefully designed programme ensures that everyone from the youngest to the oldest can find activities that interest them. Marbella glitters in June with residents wearing their best clothes to honor their patron. The festival program is extensive and children, youth, adults and seniors enjoy the various children's parties, concerts, horse walk, dance schools and countless events which offer substantial opportunities for entertainment and fun.

Traditional Andalucian Fair

The Marbella feria also includes all the traditional elements of an Andalusian fair: food, drink, dancing, entertainment and of course, the trademark “casetas” that are set up just for the fair. Casetas are one of the most attractive elements of the fair. They are individual decorated marquee tents which are temporarily built on the fairground. La Feria de San Bernabé is a wonderful occasion and shows off Marbella's attractions that make it a world beating holiday destination. The festival is massively supported and brings the same joy and excitement each year.

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Fireworks to start

Prior to the Marbella Fair, contests are held to choose the King and Queen of the festivities. The competitions are open to the public. The fair opens on a Monday when everyone heads for the beach near the emblematic El Fuerte Hotel (one of the oldest in town) to see the fireworks before diving in to a full scale feria frenzy the next day. A typical Programme for the first days festivities is shown below:

08.30Launch rockets announcing the output from the Brotherhood House (Rincon de San Bernabe). Free tasting churros with chocolate for all attendees, along with the Brotherhood of St Barnabas House Romeros offered by the Municipal Party Delegation.
09.00Procession Pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Patron Saint located in the Parque de Nagueles. Itinerary - Romeros Home Brotherhood of St. Barnabas, Avda. Trapiche, Avda. Mayorazgo, C / JoseLuis Morales, C / Pinsapo, C / Calvario, Avda. Canovas del Castillo, Camino del Pinar, C / Buchinger ending in Pinar de Nagueles.
12.00Mass of the Pilgrims in the Chapel of the Holy Patron (Pinar de Nagueles). Tribute to all the older brothers of the Romeros Brotherhood of St. Barnabas for the work and contribution to the festivity of San Bernabe.
14.00 Start of activities in the Pinar de Nagueles.
- Schools Dance Competition (14.00 to 18.00). Starring the following schools: Srs. Maldonado, Loli Closet, Eli Garcia, Sandra Vazquez, Paquita Jesus and Melania Leiva.
- Big Dance entertained by the Duo Arenal.
- Popular Paella, offered by the Municipal Party Delegation.
19.00Great Novillada No Fenders in the Plaza de Toros de Marbella, during the Feria de San Bernabe.

Day and Night Fairs

Later in the week there will be a “day fair” in the old part of Marbella and a “night fair” (feria de noche) normally held outside of town near the La Canada shopping centre.

Maps and guides

Obtain one of the many guides available to find about the many things going on during feria week. These are either a free or are found in the local newspapers. The tourist office in the centre of Marbella’s old town in the Plaza del Naranjos has information and maps and friendly staff who will help you with a workable plan to experience the most authentic fair events, see the sights and get information on the concerts, dance performances, parades and the many activities taking place throughout the week.

Why not dress up

You may like to dress in authentic flamenco fashion. You won't look out of place. There are shops selling “trajes de gitano” in the old town who can dress you like a native. Although flamenco dresses can cost you hundreds of euros, as an alternative you can purchase a simple black lycra flamenco style skirt and combine it with a lycra flamenco-style body suit. Slick back your hair, add strategically placed flowers,get some large plastic ear rings, necklaces and bracelets. And for the women ... !

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