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Trip from Marbella to Gibraltar

Rock of Gibraltar

Rock of GibraltarThe Rock of Gibraltar dominates the entrance to the Mediterranean between the southern tip of Spain and the continent of Africa. Gibraltar benefits from over 1200 years of Moorish, Spanish and British history. Gibraltar has some of the finest caves in Europe but it is the famous Gibraltar Barbary macaques that many people come to see. Gibraltar unique in terms of it's history, geology, geography, flora and fauna.

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Going Up the Rock

Gibraltar ViewMost visitors to Gibraltar want to go up "The Rock ". Whether your a botanist, bird watcher or just a sightseeing tourist, the nature reserve will provide you with sights such as the famous semi-wild apes, tunnels, large military guns, caves, and areas of historical and geological interest. The troop of semi wild Barbary "Apes" will keep your children and you amused and delighted by their antics. Watch out though! Hang on to your belongings because those cheeky little monkeys will be trying to snatch them! The story goes that the British will not leave Gibraltar until all the apes have left. Gibraltar MonkeysThe Galleries are a series of underground tunnels which are nearly 1,000 feet in length. The views of the Bay of Gibraltar and Spain from the Galleries are spectacular. Saint Michael caves are dramatic natural grottos sometimes used for classical music performances and concerts. Catch the cable car to reach the top of the Rock to capture those breathtaking views of the Spanish and Moroccan coastlines. You should really walk on the way down if you have time..

The Fortress City

ArchImpressive fortress walls including the Moorish Castle complex enclose the City of Gibraltar. Climb the steps to the upper part of the town an make your way through the narrow passages. The Gibraltar Museum includes military and archaeological artefacts including the remains of Neanderthal man. Shop in all your favorite shops like La Senza, Monsoon, Early Learning Centre, Tommy Hilfiger, Marks and Spencers, Top Shop or even Morrisons Supermarket. Enjoy your favourite tipple in a British Pub. An alfresco lunch at one of the many cafe’s lining the streets appreciated after your sightseeing and shopping. When your ready to leave, visit Casemates SquareCasemates Square where you can hail a taxi or catch a bus to take you back to your exit point from Gibraltar. Take in some wonderful duty free shopping, where great prices and great products await you, including the Gibraltar Crystal shop, where you may watch as the glass products are made. You can use Euros but the exchange rates offered are not good, so pounds are better. You can pay with a debit card in most places provided a minimum spend.

The Southern Area

The southern area contains several of Gibraltar's key historical sites such as Parson's Lodge, the 100 Ton Gun and the bay where HMS Victory, was towed there after the Battle of Trafalgar and Admiral Lord Nelson's body was brought ashore. Europa Point Lighthouse and the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque is found at the southern tip of Gibraltar.

East SideThe East Side

The east side of Gibraltar contains few historical sites, but the breath taking views of the sheer cliffs makes up for this. The fishing village at Catalan Bay nestles beneath the rugged and spectacular cliffs. You can get to the eastern side of the Rock via or Devil's Tower Road from the north.

The Bay of Gibraltar

dolphinsThe bay of Gibraltar is well known for Dolphin watching, with some of the highest concentrations of dolphins in the Mediterranean. The sea around Gibraltar provides for great sailing, fishing and diving. A large number of ship wrecks provide good diving for experienced divers.


Take a Tour

A good way to discover Gibraltar is by taking a full or half day Gibraltar Tour with your own personal tour guide. Your guide for the day will be able to help you capture the true essence of Gibraltar, as well as keep you up to date with Gibraltar's history, legends, and most popular sites,

Getting there

postbox Get taxi (Taxi-Sol +34 952 774488) to the bus station. Taxi-Sol are very efficient and come almost immediately. From Marbella Bus Station, Catch the bus to La Linea that currently leaves at 8:30 and 11:45 in morning and returns at 16:30, 19:00 and 20:45. Check with Marbella Bus Station on +34 952 76 44 01 or +34 952 36 01 91 or +34 902 143 144. Journey time is 1 hr 35mins though varied and interesting terrain. When you get to La Linea, simply walk across the border from Spain into British Territory. As you walk through passport control you have to cross what appears to be a huge parking lot. It's actually Gibraltar aiport! Everything stops when planes land and take off. Once on the other side, it's about a ten-minute walk to Grand Casemates Square, Gibaltar's main square. The distance from Marbella to Gibraltar is 79km. To drive from Marbella to Gibraltar is just 50 minutes by car.

Important: Don’t forget your passport - you're leaving Spain!

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