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Living Costs in Marbella

When living or renting a property in Marbella, you'll need to take some or all of the following expenses into consideration

Urbanizacion and Community Fees

These costs are controlled by the committee of owners of properties on an urbanisation. They cover the running and maintenance costs of shared facilities. These could include lighting, private roads, drains, private water supplies, swimming pools,  gardens etc. These costs will vary depending on the location and quality of the urbanisation.


In some areas you will have to pay the Basura (for rubbish disposal) separately, in other areas it is included in the IBI.

Local Rates - Patrimonia

All non-residents have to pay wealth tax, 'Patrimonia', based on the amount on the Escritura Publica or the Valor Catastral, which ever is the highest value.

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Property Tax (IBI)

The local town hall charge an annual property tax called IBI on owned Property . This local tax is based on the Catastral value of the property.


Comprehensive household insurance is available to protect your home and contents. Fire insurance is compulsory by law when taking out a mortgage.  Life insurance can be taken out to guarantee payment of the loan in the case of death.

Water and Electricity

Utilities have a standing charge and the charges for consumption are in addition to this. The costs are similar to the UK and Ireland.


The standard charge for a telephone line installation from Telephonica is around 180 Euros. The line rental and call charges are then payable every two months.


There are several way to get internet - sky dish, WiFi or Broadband. If you have a telephone line, perhaps broadband from your telephone provider would be the best bet.


If you want UK tv the options have become more limited recently with the loss of the satellite option. The best solution is internet tv.

Tax on Rental Income

Britain and Ireland have a double taxation treaty with Spain. Tax is paid on the declared income from the property and your rental income must also be declared to the inspector of taxes in Britain or Ireland.

Fiscal Representative

(Gestor) to manage tax returns etc as a non-resident in Marbella (approx. 60 Euro)

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