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Restaurants in Marbella, Puerto Banus & Golden Mile

Andalucian Food

Andalucia is best known for its sunny weather, beaches and flamenco. But food is a hugely important part of southern Spain. The Mediterranean diet was recently recognised as being part of UNESCO's world cultural heritage.
Andalucian Food

Marbella Restaurants

If you are looking to eat in Marbella, you could be wandering around all night as there are hundreds to choose from. Here are a few to whet your appetite.
Marbella Restaurants.

Puerto Banus Restaurants

Just a taster of the many different types of restaurant you can enjoy in Puerto Banus.
Puerto Banus Restaurants

Golden Mile Restaurants

There is a nice group of restaurants at the Marbella end of the Golden Mile. They are clustered around Carolina Park, close to our apartment.
Golden Mile Restaurants.

San Pedro Restaurants

Often overlooked but a great selection of restaurants in San Pedro de Alcantara.
San Pedro Restaurants

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